A Gabriel that has been truly a Knight – 3

    Well, just yesterday I finished an old but truly gold game, Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. And what a wonderful game it is !  is a game made in the end of 90’s by the then Sierra On-Line, designed with gusto by a 35-ish Jane Jensen and published near […]

A very long hiatus…

    Greetings, dearest readers. Well, for however, in ages to come, read this, anyway. There has been an absurdly long hiatus of this blog’s activities. The reason was that I finally got my life on track ( on *my* track to be precise and proud of 🙂 ) and I made a sprint towards the […]

An upcoming enterprise

  Hello, dearest readers. Today I will be bringing to your attention an upcoming videogame company, eNVy Softoworks! Currently empoying four people and based on Patras, the small group aims to please: Vasillis Karavasillis (Computer Engineer) is the manager and co-coder of their endeavors Kostas Koukoulis (Sound & Image Artist) is in charge of 3D […]


Right, Folklore. I just finished it. Does it have any replay value ? Mmm-yeah… Am I gonna keep playing it ? Heck, no ! Save file says it’s only existed for 40 and a half hours. Why does it feel so much longer, though ? I have been playing this game during several months, having […]

Planet Nomads ?

Doesn’t it look suspiciously like a (in)famous game ?  Yes, it does. Way more polished, though. Now with extra 75% butts.   And with so much more. I mean, are these actual huge vehicles I see there ? Construction equipment and equipment constructed ?     The game is made with , able to utilize multiple cpu threads and […]