Where you have stepped into

Hello World!


I’m your host, Alexander. Alex, for short for all those that have something nice to say about this place ^_^ This is my (first ever) blog and I am extremely happy to write it.

This is about my impressions, ideas, thoughts and experiences about stuff regarding (more or less) my playing lifestyle! Um… I dunno what else to say ~ I *am* a little shy, so this is it for now.

The site will be structured in sections (eg each videogame gets its own section) so that I will be periodically updating about subjects that I revisit.

Everyone that would like to write here is more than welcome. Me being the only one writing here will get it boring, don’t you think? 😉 Just remember, no foul language, too strong words or one-sidedness.

Also, this blog has nothing to do with the upcoming A Gamer’s Life movie. I hope it’s gonna be a nice one, though, with an honest look on our lives.

Have fun, everyone! 😀