An upcoming enterprise

Turning beer and burgers into video games


Hello, dearest readers. Today I will be bringing to your attention an upcoming videogame company, eNVy Softoworks!

Currently empoying four people and based on Patras, the small group aims to please:

  • Vasillis Karavasillis (Computer Engineer) is the manager and co-coder of their endeavors
  • Kostas Koukoulis (Sound & Image Artist) is in charge of 3D modeling, Graphic Design and the occasional coding
  • Manolis Dimitras (Computer Engineer) is the dedicated coder of the group
  • Irini Ioannidou (Media Informatics) provides the graphics, web development, 2D graphics and promotional matterials

eNVy has, as of now, published 3 games:

DandB-150x150.pngDeath and Beyond: Die to Win, a platformer for Android in which you seek to die and the group’s very first fully developed, commercial game. Those devious developers have added cunning platform puzzles to stop your way to death, a timer in every stage to make you earn it through fast thinking and infinite retries and many different stages to keep you from achieving blissfull nirvana.
It’s a fresh idea, you should really give it a try!


TheNewtonParadox150x150.png Explore an abandoned space station in an unexplored solar system!
Solve puzzles with the help of your anti-grav module!
Beautifull 2D space art!
A new take on platformer controls, jumping is no longer trivial!
More coming soon!
The Newton Paradox, is a 2D platformer for PCs and browsers. It was developed during the 4th Hellenic Game Jam  in just 50 hours scoring 5th place!

sabinc-150x150.png A very unique idea, reminescent of (junior) high school years, Sabotaz Inc. has you shooting paper spit balls through a straw in order to sabotage a boring speaker’s boring presentation about some boring products ~while hillariously parodic logos of known companies show in the side. Again, made in a hurry for the Indies vs Pewdiepie gamejam.


  The upcoming enterprise won 15259679_10154360516781865_890123863881015240_o.jpg for DandB-150x150.png contending with Goo Saga and Lethe: Episode One. Currently, eNVy Softoworks is working on several projects and their upcoming game. Stay tuned, as the article will be updated regularly with chronicling their endeavors!



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