How To Make Your Old, Slow Computer Like-New Again

(it’s easier than you think!)


No it is not. Making an old PC “better”, meaning

  • more trustworthy
  • faster
  • more capable

requires buying a new machine, most of the time. The afore mentioned link is to a HOAX.
You wanna “retouche” ye olde PC, you need to install newer OPERATING-SYSTEM.jpg (if possible), delete UselessJunk.png, uninstall useless programs, keep a minimalistic interface (Less is More.jpg usually in computers), clean up your machine and change thermal paste (nosoap__large.jpgplease and keep your AJAXCrystalClean.png in the closet for this :P). Maybe you have a decent MoBo (motherboard) so you don’t need to buy new PC alltogether (buying a new motherboard is more expensive than buying a new PC if you are jumping from an 8 year old system to today) or maybe you need to buy a new MoBo in order to house newer components. Ask someone that knows. Ask the internet ~ uncle Google is your friend 😉

Whatever the case, the very first link is to a HOAXing page that only seeks to eat up your money, preying on your gullybility and ignorance. There can never be one single device that connects to your PC and boost it up! You want turbines, go to an airfield.
Reading it give me a good lough for 3-4′. Then it made me sad.





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