US election 2016 – Trump WINS

Wow.. Just wow…

I woke up so well this morning… Then, I got newsfed. Well… There is not much I can say that hasn’t already been said. This blog is not directly about politics, so I will try to keep this short and personal.
What I can say about mr Trump is that he has made statements of outrageous and impractical purposes, speaking in strong words and alienating many foreign countries ( I am still fantasizing about USA representatives shaking hands in China with chinese representatives while and Trump’s election speeches against China is playing in a large screen in the background 😛 ) as well as many (most?) inner communities. He has also blamed numerous people and especially groups of people about so many things that it went from offending to practically tiring…

I am personally horrified by what could come in the next 4 years  of his presidency. If he attempts half the things he promised, we are looking at a USA alienated by and from at least half the globe. We are looking at devastated international relationships where prejudice and selfishness will reign unendingly. USA, like it or not, is (maybe the) most influencial country in the globe. Every move it makes towards any direction has implications in the entire world. This, however is only one half of the reality. The other half is that being a presidential candidate in USA is no small thing to the entire world. Mr Trump’s declarations have gathered around many groups of people that share common ideologies of hatred, prejudice, oppresion and likewise mentalities. Now that he’s won the presidency, or wouldn’t lose by far, what would stop likeminded people from feeling justified in doing all the things they (and mr Trump) believe in ?

  • It is one thing deporting foreigners because your economy can no longer sustain itself and a country has to look after its citizens and a completely different thing blaming people that have been struggling to live in dignity for all things bad to your economy.
  • It is one thing struggling for a stable, safe society and a completely different thing oppressing people into stereotypes and specific roles.
  • It is one thing wanting to stand your ground against the shifting sands of international relationships, economics and power and a completely different thing torpedoing every future move of potential foreign relations.
  • It is one thing wanting to declare you country’s identity and a completely different thing bashing at so many countries and ethnicities outside your borders.

Yes, immigrants, individuals of every sexuality and gender as well as liberal-minded groups of people will be struggling after USA starts enforcing all mr Trump has declared.
I can only imagine that, from mrs Clinton’s perspective as a former Secretary of State, mr Trump must be a complete Public and International Relations nightmare. What will USA say in response to all the other countries’ when “minorities” outbreak?  How will mr Trump respond to the countries he so readily offended? What will they both say when deals break because of mr Trumps’ dismissiveness? USA is powerfull but not all-powerfull or alone in this small, blue sphere…

I will not say more because this blog is about gaming. Oh, in that regard,  mr Trump blamed videogame violence for real-life bad behaviour of the youngsters. I find it a joke, so I am not even making this a point. If I had to write more, I would have to write a lot more and I am not in the mood. I will definitely be laughing while checking out all the promises he didn’t deliver. Mr Trump is behaving exactly like a demagogue and he will end like one: betraying every one that supported him.
Here’s a thing to smile about while reading.

Me being the hopeless hopefull kind of person my friends know me to be, I will end this article with the hope that we can use the even of today to steel ourselves on the belief that all and every person in this world deserves an equal chance at survival, dignity and happiness, regardless of what the “strong” and “powerfull” and “many” or “few” have to say about it. The world has something to learn from all this and now is our chance to demand that countries ought to behave like a kind-hearted and sane individuals.


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