Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin

So, yeah! I just finished another one of my favorite games, Persona 2 : Innocent Sin. It is the 2nd entry in the Shin Megami Tensei : Persona games, developed and usually published by Atlus_logo_2014.png.
The game was first made back in 1999 for the PSX-Console-wController.jpg but Atlus_logo_2014.png remade it in 2011 for the psp_3000.jpg with modern layout and graphics, remastered voice acting and cutscenes, and we got to enjoy it in Europe thanks to publisher Ghostlightlogo.png.

P2TsumiISLogo.png takes place in 1999, a few years after the events of Persona-Logo-685x218.png in 1996. Once again we play as high schoolers, who struggle to solve the enigma of JOKER and will ultimately end up saving the world’s collective unconscious butt. “The theme of Innocent Sin, as with the previous entry, was exploration of the human psyche and the main characters discovering their true selves. The central character theme of Innocent Sin was the growth of teenagers and how they overcome their personal troubles. Another key element was the “power of Kotodama”, the Japanese belief that words can influence the physical and spiritual world, with this power manifesting in the world of Persona 2 through the spreading of rumors.” It is procceeded by direct sequel P2BatsuEPLogo.png

We have the opportunity to meet or learn about the previous Shin.Megami.Tensei-.Persona.full.236293.jpg protagonists, either outright or through some obscure quests. The main protagonist of course is only referenced ~ what do you have against the main protagonists, Persona ?! I was really happy to see what happened of Maki ( Sonomuramakip1.jpg > Sonomura_Maki_PSP.jpg > sonomura_Maki_p2.jpg and I dig it). Oh, one of the protagonists is a recurring one: YukinoP2.jpg. I greatly appreciated it.
So, what’s cool in P2TsumiISLogo.png and why should you play it? Let’s see…

  • Music is sooooooo good. I really liked The yet-another-version-of Poem for Everyone’s Souls as well as the credit rolls song and music
  • You may switch between original and remastered game’s soundtrack.
  • You get to beat down a clown! (well, sort of, about both the “beat down” and “clown” part…)
  • You get to battle a Hittler equipped with a mythical weapon !
  • Art is that good:  Kazuma Kaneko and Shigenori Soejima did once again a praiseworthy job with character design! The demons look good and Personas even cooler! Especially the unique ones 😉
  • Animations about everything battle related ! Including option to just skip them 😛
  • I believe the game has a very good length and good pacing
  • Very, very good story. I was lost a bit because of how complicated everything gets midway. This is purposely done and serves the plot, mind you. So, I guess, the plot is that good because of the complications. It also has twists, drama, character growth, urban demolition…
  • Allows you to understand well all the characters
  • The story happens at the real time of the game’s release! Everything is 1999 modern day!
  • Combat system is decent
  • Rewarding ending

Generally, if you liked the first one, there is not much to not like.

The game started like Innocentsincover.jpg before the PSP polishing. Beautifull, isn’t it?  At first, Atlus_logo_2014.png decided against bringing it overseas because the game sports good amounts of Japanese culture that might have not been understood and symbolism about Nazis and Adolf Hittler that could prove controversial. Despite the game’s stuff wishes, who were already working on the sequel, Persona_2_EP_cover.jpg, Innocent Sin was never released outside of Japan before the PSP remake.
P2InnocentSinNABoxart.png was directed by Shoji Meguro after he directed PersonaPSPNAcover.jpg and proceeded to direct pa.212889.3.jpg.  Shoji Meguro has also been the sound composer of almost every other Persona videogame, begining with Innocentsincover.jpg in which he composed the series’ most notable music theme, Aria of the Soul. Animation studio Satelight produced the remake’s, re-imagined but faithfull to the original art, opening movie. Character design was done by (divine) Kazuma Kaneko and (divine) Shigenori Soejima (both whose work span various videogames and I simply adore). Kouji Okada was the producer (recurring throughout the series). Since the remake is no different story, we are crediting the original writer, Tadashi Satomi but a new, exclusive quest’s storyline was made by Kazuyuki Yamai. Last but not least, Toshiko TasakiKenichi Tsuchiya and Masaki Kurokawa were responsible for composing the beautifull sounds that adorn this game.



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