Dark Chronicles = Dark Cloud 2

I have my very first commision! A dearest buddy of mine has asked me to write an article on said game. I will be writing my chronicle of the Chronicles and updating the review 😉

Dark_Chronicle_Coverart.png, or Dark_cloud_2_us_front.jpg as it was released in North america, is an action rpg created by Lvel-5_2002.png and published by sony for the PlayStation_2_logo.svg.png in 2003. It is the successor to Dark_Cloud_PS2_Game_cover.jpg but with a different, unrelated story.


Max & Monica

We will be following the stories of

, one from the now and one from the future as they are trying to save their world from a powerfull madman who tries to mess up the past!

Fun fact -> There’s an emulated version of the game for the ps4_logo ! How neat is that?!






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