Chronicles of the Dark Chronicles

Is that a proper phrase? Doesn’t it sound, I dunno bad ? Well, if you still decide to stick around after you met my horrible titling skills, I respect you.

And the story begins with a 1.MonicaWhaaat.jpg that’s like “Whaaaat (or is a *gasp) ?

and it goes on with a 2.MaxHuh.jpg that’s like “Huh?“. Well not really, the game starts with some fine Monica ass-kickery and goes on with a wet Max but I wanted to start with those shots XD.
Look at the size of that (dry) ticket!  3.Everythingsmadebig.jpg Everything’s biggish in this game.

4.MyVeryOwnPersonality.jpg My very own personality? Character? Style?! (body parts?) or…



the (literally) Plot Device!












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