PlayStation Vita ~ Why “A Commercial Flaw” ?

So, EC_avatar_10-18-2016.jpg claim that it is mainly because handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg  was hard to develop a game to.

I personaly own my very own handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg. I also bought it merrily, to play my awesomest P4G.png in it, a game whose series and initial franchise ( Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei ) I absolutely love.
I cannot say I agree completely with EC_avatar_10-18-2016.jpg‘s opinion, which I find to be spot-on market-wise. I believe the reason ps-vita-logo failed to me, to be sony.jpg‘s inability to cater or show affection to their consumers.
Points in case several:

  • sony.jpg made handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg to use only costly memory cards especially made for it ~ the cheapest is 9.9€ for 4gigs in my country.
  • sony.jpgremoved the initial, OLED screen and 3G capable, model support in favor of the, LED-screened newer one that sports bigger battery life. That diminshed handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg‘s use as a portable social media device that would still sell a lot, especially given the screen’s high standards. Removing support for a higher quality product in favor of a cheaper one does not show that you care about your buyers’ quality of life.
  • sony.jpg removed 2 of handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg‘s native apps, 2000px-Youtube_icon.svg_.png and Maps, I think due to the contract with googlelogo_color_284x96dp.png ending. Seeing how these two, along with facebook-icon-preview-1.pngaceBook, and all the other social media applications are huge now, considering the initial model sports an awesome screen and 3G support, it would remain a strong selling point.
  • sony.jpg‘s policy about the handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg‘s security is tiring me out: constant updates and decreasing features while the Vita Hacking scene respected Sony’s handling of the original game market.
  • sony.jpg failed to make handheld-ps-vita-logo-739x390-656a9c89f2dc9b7c.jpg decidedly 667px-PlayStation_3_Logo_neu.svg.png friendly and made me feel like I was truly left behind in favor of ps4_logo.jpg alone.


  • Nintendo-logo-red.png made 3DSimagejpg.jpgto use the common MicroSD memory cards ~ the cheapest is 3.05€for 4gigs in my country.
  • Nintendo-logo-red.pngmade an updated version of 3DSimagejpg.jpg, the New Nintendo 3DS that expands on the originals features
  • 3DSimagejpg.jpg is hacked, albeit expensively for the complete experience, but I didn’t feel like forfeiting money on Nintendo-logo-red.png or believing that they don’t deserve it.
  • 3DSimagejpg.jpg may work well on 2000px-Wii.svg.png with several of their games.

What’s your experience or point of view on this matter?


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