Nintendo Switch!

It looks yammy and makes me wanna give my money over 😛
Nintendo advertises their new console, one that will be sporting the new zelda-breath-of-the-wild.png as first title?
Seriously though, if it is truly what the ad suggests, then the whole portable-home console ordeal is ending for Nintendo-logo-red.png. I wonder which other company is gonna try to take advantage of this idea ? 😉

One thing that I remembered to wonder about today is this: how good specs is it gonna have since it’s so small and uses flash cards for games? Well, backwards compatibility is crossed-out, I guess but Wii U was pretty good to Wii’s games so this next good step maybe alright. nvidia2016logo.jpg reported that switch_logo.0.0.png will be having an Badge_Tegra_3D_large.jpg graphics chip. Lower specifications in general mean worse games?  250px-BotW_NA_Logo.png looked pretty nice, although this is *only* a commercial. I don’t know and I do not yet see any announcements on that matter even though pre-ordering is on!


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