The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

LoZBotW c

After a 2-month hiatus due to overwhelming developments on my personal life + Exams, I return with a monolithicaly joyous message:
BreathoftheWildBoxArt.jpg is officially announced with the release year of 2017! Yep, preorder option and assorted artwork is readily out, fellow gamers.

Also, per the pun, images.jpg is doing support this time, on this heavily outdoors game so we could maybe expect some bitchin’ awesome natural exterior environs a la Xenoblade Chronicles? Possibly?
Well, Zelda games are known for their unique and evolving art and this one’s “art style was inspired by gouache and en plein air art to help identify the vast, open world” as stated by Mr Aonuma, dear producer of the game.

We are all staying tuned…


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