Just got emailed by SE ’bout it. I’m super excited to play this one because Square-Enix, point-click adventure, coffee rush and… reasons! XD Let’s see where this one will lead us to 😉


Well… this game’s a handfull. It is beautifull! The visuals are great and the sound is detailed (and part of the gameplay) Only thing that bothers me at times is that the game’s screen is big so details might be hard to notice ~ good thing that there’s a button that marks every pos (point of interest) on view. The Codex (inventory of every written stuff you’ve encountered) is huge but organized and the Journal (a diary of sorts) holds your thoughts but not necesserily the solution.


I’ll be writing a review of the game on my second playthrough though, because this game is huge and convoluted (it gets to multiple stories at the same time and they are important for solving the puzzles).


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