Town of Light

TownOfLight Hello people and good morning to you. It is 11.17 right now, 1st of April and I just finished playing Town of Light. And by finished playing I mean stopping and uninstalling it some time after entering Chapter 5. “But why?” do I hear you asking? Because I got sick of wandering throughout the empty corridors and lifeless outside with absolutely no prompt on how to go on, other than having to find about some girl named Amara. So, I got a look at a walkthrough just so I could spare myself another hour of pointless walking and I realized that the game failed to trigger its next step (probably some flag failed to activate because the game isn’t as well coded as a 20euro game or something). I didn’t even bother contacting LKA yet about this possible bug (I am going to) because the game is almost falsely advertised on its site and Steam:

  • this, is hardly an adventure game – it resembles a walking simulator boasting half of Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities
  • the”Realistic 3D Graphic” is a lie, the game lacks real-time shadows, has poor textures on the natural environment outdoors, lighting is poorly implement and the game itself is poorly optimized
  • “Horror with no jump scares”: I just failed to see the horror other than the telling of a very disturbing little girl’s chronicle on a 1930s mental asylum in fascist Italy. I do not deny the tale’s realism, stuff like that happen like so even today. I just failed to feel “the Horror” element of the game.

Its soundtrack is mostly ok. Mostly.

On the plus side, the buildings are beautifully (re)created and I had fun wandering in the institution’s grounds.

I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone yet. Unless the creator(s) decide(s) to redo the gameplay part and the graphics optimization I’d stay clear of the 20 bucks it demands to get installed on your machine. Unreal Engine 4 is probably super-ultra-special awesome but you won’t notice it in this game.


The Town Of Light is owned, made and published by LKA and copyrighted to them.


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