Everki Beacon

I just received my new backpack, a Beacon by Everki. Let me tell you: it fits almost everything ! 😀

I was in dire need of a transporting contraption for my beloved monster of a laptop – it has a 17″ screen but needs more space because it’s built bulky and I lived under the fear that my previous bag would rip apart from the excess weight. After MUCH searching to find something that’s elegant, extra spacious, capable of withstanding elements and under 150 euros, I stumbled by accident on this model (I was ogling Titan and Atlas, didn’t even know Beacon existed)  while I was talking with a dear friend over Skype about my frustration over the sheer amount of backpacks that exist while only few of them would fit an 18″ laptop. Well, I fired up my order from eshop, the only Everki retailer here and sure enough, I got it in 3 days’ time 😀

I found myself quite in Linus’ shoes fidgeting with the bag, discovering all about this wonderful item. Well, in a nutshell, it is spacious and comfy but not too student friendly: there are no long compartments for documents/books and the front pocket that’s supposed to hold pens and the like is pretty uncomfortably tight. Sure enough, this bag was made to carry your laptop and your console. The laptop sleeve sports a fleece-like coating that made me wanna squeeze into it and sleep like a baby. The main compartment holds a big detachable velcro pouch with soft coating inside for my console-hugging needs, 1 zippered compartment (I put my tablet there) on the back, 3 short and wide open pockets (the two velcro to the back), empty space and 4 velcro pouches for cable and trifles management. There’s an open but tight wide pocket on the front, below the impossibly tight front zippered pocket and 2 convenient hip pockets on the sides, the right one for traveling needs (has a kinda shoddy bottle fastener) and the left one for mobile needs (has a covered cable hole with the same-sided strap having 2 cable fasting tight loops). Also, the bag sports a secret-y compartment in its bottom with the water-proof cover stored inside. I also put a cheap, thin plastic bag folded in there because when I’ll have to undress the Beacon from its raincoat, it’s gonna be wet ~ is the bottom pocket water-proof ? No key-ring and that’s a minus but lots of space. Also, why didn’t Everki make these pockets identical with every feature on both (the bottle fastener does not intrude on the pocket’s ergonomy) I cannot tell. Have I mentioned how tight the front zippered pocket is? Yes, 3 times now. That’s because it is. Again, the reason escapes me.


But the one thing that gave me the most joy is the ergonomic back. I put the bag on, fully-loaded, and my back moaned from the lack of strain the previous bag gave me.

I have a (sadly, discontinued) fantastic Samsonite Outlab.


It weathered the elements well: scorching sun, sea water, winds, heavy rain, mud, snow ~ it has survived them all. I searched frantically but I have no idea if Samsonite made another extreme sports backpack fit for urban lifestyle (it can be carried as a case and worn as a messenger bag as well). In it I carried my former 15″ laptop, student and sports equipment like a boss. It is time I moved on, though.

I know the Beacon will give me lots of satisfaction if it stands the test of time and nature.

Enjoy 🙂


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