Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn ~ A New Adventure – Chronicles Part 2

I didn’t have enough money to buy a proper suit 😥

As you might have noticed, I now have a guild name by my name! These are the Bacon. We all like bacon, so there :3 For the life of me, I cannot remember how I met them or how I got recruited… They are a nice and interesting bunch!

Guilds in this game are called Free Companies. There are the Grand Companies as well, Eorzea’s official military groups that tend to threats ~ one in each main State: Ul’Dah, Gridania and Limsa Lominsa.

This guy here helped me get the Conjurer Job! 😀 We started with him wanting to help me in leveling up and ended up giving me a ride (on his majestic Chocobo) to Gridania! So I finally started living the game as I wanted to: with magical powers both to heal and destroyffxiv_03012016_122952.png

Blood Song also has the uncunny ability to dress hot XD. I met him as a Sky Pirate and he.was.dashing.
And so, to the magical land of Garden- uh, Gridania, I met the beauty of green nature. Also,

It reminded me of Ixion…

magical glowing horses.


This is our Company’s Estate.


Opeth Ouraux is our guildmaster . He is kind and caring and giving and knowing and a mean crafting machine that will stop at nothing to provide all us newbies with up-lifitng equipment 🙂 We love you, Opeth!

And this is Seritoya. ffxiv_06012016_121312.png

She’s a cutsie pie that hides a firey tamperament within. I somehow imagine her casually having pie over mobs’ murdered carcasses XD

She is the second-in-command. She was so cute that se was pet ALL the time and that annoyed her so that she changed her model 😛 Too bad, I really miss the Lalafell Seri.

She and Opeth get along well


Like, really well


Seriously, guys, get a room already >_>;

It’s literally your house, get a bedroom!

They are cool to hang around to 🙂



Moving on, I started doing a lot of crafting here 🙂 I have been raising my Disciples Of the Hand Jobs in the Estate, as there are bonuses to be had thanks to our Opeth!
The company recently, during my 2-month absence, finished their Airship! 😀 I can’t wait to see how it all works 🙂

Square is also good at bridges 😛


Oh, my god, look at it! It’s so huge and looks so violent

I wanna pet it!

After Gridania, I continued the main Scenario so I ended up in Limsa. There I got yet another magical Class, the mythical Arcanist!

Yay! My very personal huggable, pettable, glowing, stress-relieving pet 😀

Which is evolved to a Summoner. I was glad that I got this job but after I read what Summoner was all about I was severely dissapointed that -yet- another game would not offer a proper Summoning class. A Summoner can only call on 3 entities and the whole Job revolves around limited imagination 😛 The fact that Final Fantasy has built it’s legend on top of their imaginative summoned entities, be they called Eidolons, Espers, Guardian Forces, Summons, fal’Cie or whatever, adds even more to the hurt. Without spoiling the plot further, I will point out that a full-fledged summoning Job would provide a unique in-game social experience as a specific summoned creature is the source of much mayhem on the planet and that could lead to Summoners being viewed as nastier things than they deserve.

Moving on… the beauty!

On the course of the main scenario, we get to meet her:

Elder Seedseer Kan-E-Senna in all her Padjal glory

She is an unaging Huyrian daughter with goodness in her heart, horns on her head and the Elementals’ blessing in her hands. She’s cool.


Some time after that, I chanced upon this quest

Some one might have a good taste after all

I chuckled because Toxic Avenger was a “hero” made by beloved Troma that me and my pal have been watching for years now ! I really hope that this is truly an Easter Egg 😀


After some time…


my first Instanced Raid! I finally (after too much waiting for other players) got to enter a Dungeon for the first time 😀 I was SO excited! It was neat ~ it even had a small riddle! I have to admit though, I was kinda dissapointed at my party members being all hasty in attacking everything in sight. Numbered(pointed) targets and enemy reinforcements were disregarded in favor of just attacking everything (my Sleeps were wasted -_-‘ ) and we weren’t so much of a team as a random party of crazy people 😛 Still, it was fun for me. Nothing too shiny of a loot although I got to experience the Need/Greed/Pass mechanic 🙂


After my first Raid I felt it was time for some much deserved R & R, so I TelePort’d back at the Estate (the Company’s house), only to find… ffxiv_10042016_125749.png

we had a bathtub at the basement! Oh, the Luxury! 😀

With dearest Opeth ❤

I need to say, the whole basement was done in style


Drying by the fireplace *sigh* SO cozy…

Opeth gave me a ridiculous bathing wear …

Steamy recuperation

… and I danced out of my happiness! XD


Interestingly enough, this game allows for some pretty nice camera work.

Gaze unto my manliness and know…
… I am Lord of screenShots. Also, Opeth has that “will this ever end ?” look on his face XD


To whoever guild member reads this, I want to say “sorry” for my long absence, I had a very hectic month with a ton of stuff I had to do AND my subscription ended. I am having exams coming up too, so I will probably log on sometime in June. Looking forward to see you, dear Bacons ~ I’ve really missed ya.



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