Latest Extra Credits puts me on thought

Latest Extra Credits episode  put me in a very stressful thinking. They describe a new social feature in China where people get profiled through a “gaming” theme as per their social choices: Sesame Credit

Sure, they might not have every fact correct, they even say so. The fact however stays: someone thought that puting society in that kind of frame is ok. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one to believe even for a second that we are not being monitored or that this monitoring is for our benefit as human beings.This, however, is the big step towards that direction. The direction that leads us, citizens, into thinking that it is proper to be “upright” and “good” by standards imposed by companies and governments and manipulating our psychology into trying and getting rewarded for that.

The catch, though is that it supposedly, is competitive, it involves judgement upon our personal choices (be they financial, social or other), the standards are imposed by organizations far far greater than a person or a local community or even a city or a whole country, data are by default shown quasi-publicly and what I believe to be the greatest problem: it relies on the principle that people can’t get to be proper social beings on their own within standard educational system, rather the state has to intervene in conjuction with companies ?

I know I will have to get facts straight for all that but still, the idea alone is horrendous, in my opinion.


May your comments sooth our souls and teach our minds 🙂



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