Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn ~ A New Adventure – Chronicles Part 1

Graphs done right! The sunspot, the grass, the cactus, the rock! Everything comes together to make it a stimulating experience.



Or not, sometimes. This is too much: the colours are overly strong and there are too many different plants. Seems unreal somehow…ffxiv_12122015_172211.png

And then, I was, like “Nuh-ah” and he was, like “Yah-ah, you no boss of me” and I was, like “Bro… I got the patch and the name, so, no, you ain’t stayin’ ‘ere”
“Yar! Pirate be me!” or “Let me give you a hand”… No? Yeah, they’re both lame lines… I still had fun fighting those HHs though 😉
If I can pull a cool move like THIS ONE, I am defenitelly getting that Job! It reminds me of Soul Calibur… ?

On another note: my first profession! 😀

I know that her knowledge is gold to be mine but if I make her knowledge mine, will I get to have (more) gold? 😛
What the heck’s that little thing?! … Is it one like one of the companions in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series?
Oh my… I don’t know if I wanna pet it or kick it 😛

That red little badmouthing… thing made me want to kick it in the end >_>;

And then, I got another Job!

Being nice isn’t in the Job description, heh?

And then, I continued on another and so forth. Fun fact, equipment needs a proper Job/Class and level on that in order to cover you. So, if you wanna multiclass you gotta do it adult way – get nakid 😛

At long last, the cure for clothing-ness! Work!
Is that… ? What am I supposed to say to a 3+m Grey Hulk when he gets all… so ?
Innuendo ? Almost innuendo… ?
You know, you are not the first to say that 😉
Lack of clothing provides me with a +5 DEX 😉


Oh, my god! She’s here! Wonder if she ended up in Eorzea after trying to escape Weirdmaggedon? 😛


My good friend Nana made a character. He is a cat. He seems regal and interesting and beautiful. Like a cat.

Just look at all that natural beauty! Nature looks good, too.

Sometimes, it’s all about the art :

This is it, Ladies and Gentlemen. The moment you’ve all been waiting for… !
And a-1, and a-2…
My god I am so… so… Words just can’t
Both. Not really. Maybe… ? What a weird true fake audition…

Aaaaand that would be all of the evidence if my performance 😛 I was too embarrassed to keep shooting 😛

Seriously, though, an actual dance sub-section would be excellent for this game that sports so much graphical and musical work. Maybe the engine isn’t made for that sort of thing… ?

Evilness: Pompus, Extravagant, Helmet-y and colour-coded for our own convinience

That’s some Final Fantasy right there, in case you forgot which line of games you were watching 😛

From left to right: Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, Gaius van Baelsar, Nero tol Scaeva and Livia sas Junius

We have to commend the fact that no space was wasted on protection. At least they are not gonna die from just a hit, right? Right?!

These are the antagonists, at least that’s what we see somewhen after we spend some time following the main story of the game. As Nero joyously announces, Magitek is again a thing in the armor department (Magitek armor is the primary technology used by the “evil” empire in FF 6). They are high tanking officers of the Empire’s military force and seem ruthless enough to justify such badass armor. Their commander is Gaius, van Baelsar meaning “The Black Wolf”. I do hope to cross battle with them some time >:-) They seem hard.




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