An upcoming enterprise

  Hello, dearest readers. Today I will be bringing to your attention an upcoming videogame company, eNVy Softoworks! Currently empoying four people and based on Patras, the small group aims to please: Vasillis Karavasillis (Computer Engineer) is the manager and co-coder of their endeavors Kostas Koukoulis (Sound & Image Artist) is in charge of 3D […]


Right, Folklore. I just finished it. Does it have any replay value ? Mmm-yeah… Am I gonna keep playing it ? Heck, no ! Save file says it’s only existed for 40 and a half hours. Why does it feel so much longer, though ? I have been playing this game during several months, having […]

Planet Nomads ?

Doesn’t it look suspiciously like a (in)famous game ?  Yes, it does. Way more polished, though. Now with extra 75% butts.   And with so much more. I mean, are these actual huge vehicles I see there ? Construction equipment and equipment constructed ?     The game is made with , able to utilize multiple cpu threads and […]

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation ?!

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation, 15 years after Ballmer called it ‘cancer’ Who would have thought? Well, my good friend Leo did. He has been saying this for years, that Microsoft has been incorporating Linux-like code in its OS. So, it didn’t come as such a surprise to me. What did surprise me was that […]

Pokemon Sun / Moon and Volcanion Event

Hey, kiddos, check THIS out. I was just sent an email about an event hosted by Public in collaboration with and CD Media. The mail reads “Αγαπητέ Alaster Το υποδέχεται σε συ… Source: Pokemon Sun / Moon and Volcanion Event